The Programs at Our Hampton Day Care


We truly enjoy providing child care services for children ages 0-4 Years Old on a full-time basis at our Hampton day care.

Our Hampton Day Care Has Programs for Your Child

Infant Program

Our precious babies experience all of the wonders of discovering a love of learning for the first time. Our smallest students are lovingly cared for in self-contained nurseries.  For the special little ones in our Hampton day care, you have the peace of mind knowing our teachers provide a loving, nurturing atmosphere that encourages exploring, bonding with others and happy giggles every day.

Crawlers to Wee Toddlers

Our active crawlers flourish in an environment that encourages children to explore their world in a child-centered way, experiencing new sights, sounds, textures, movements, and interactions. Our teachers ensure the best continuum of care each day for the first year of life. Our crawler room is filled with places where babies can roll, sit, crawl, pull up, and walk. As they try new things, the teachers and staff our Hampton day care are always right there providing plenty of warm praise and encouragement. Our goal is for loving and learning to mean one and the same thing to your baby.

Toddlers (Twaddlers & Big Toddlers)

Toddlers are experiencing the world in exciting new ways. These small people are busy finding out new things about themselves and those around them. Beginning to talk. Trying to walk. Learning to listen. Toddlers climb on things, investigate everything and try to take things apart. Tiny Treasures Child Care offers daily adventures for lively toddlers. They experience art, drama, and creative movement to help them feel confident while they discover the world around them. Our nurturing environment helps toddlers learn and grow with confidence, building self-esteem to support successful learning in the years ahead.


Preschool (K-3)

Preschool at our Hampton day care helps children build reading skills, math concepts, self-confidence and a love for learning. As an important part of their development, our inquisitive early preschoolers are gently guided in making the transition from individual to group interaction where they begin to learn sharing and social skills.  Our fun-loving and curious preschoolers enjoy experiences that will expand their intellectual, social and emotional development.  The teachers in our Hampton day care provide a challenging and fun-filled learning environment that help develop happy, confident little learners.

Pre-Kindergarten (K-4)

Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum assures a multitude of experiences to support emotional and intellectual growth. Pre-Kindergartners thrive at our Hampton day care as they prepare for school years ahead within a proven program focused on their intellectual development. The assessments, activities, parent involvement, student portfolios, and themes provided with our Pre-Kindergarten Program will insure that your child will have a strong foundation and all of the necessary skills and understandings to succeed in Kindergarten and throughout their educational career.

After Schoolers

After a full day at school, our after-schoolers experience enriching afternoon activities with their peers.  The goal of our After School program is to offer activities and programs that benefit their physical, social and academic growth.  Plus, our qualified teachers will provide daily homework help and tutorial assistance at our Hampton Day Care.

Learn More About our Hampton Day Care

To learn more about our child care programs visit the contact us page or stop by our Hampton day care and say hi!